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February 3, 2016 by pizzaguy

Hi Everyone!

We are not going to lie to you…we have been missing you. While we have been thawing out from winter, we having been doing some modifications to the trailer, and attempting to hire new staff.

Starting next week, on a limited basis, we will introduce the Gyudon Bowl. ¬†Everyone in Japan has eaten this delicious and filling dish at some point, even a couple times a week. A working-person’s meal, it is a quick and convenient comfort food when you only have a few bucks in your pocket! It is so well-known in Japan, there are several fast-casual restaurants that specialize in this one dish!

Well, what is a Gyudon Bowl?

Think thinly-sliced beef and yellow onion that has simmered in a sweet, soy sauce based sauce and served on a bed of rice. Topped with some pickled ginger and green onion, it will definitely keep you going!

Gyudon Bowl

Gyudon Bowl

We will serve crispy, fried egg rolls and an asian salad as sides with our assortment of sodas, water and/or teas.

Thank you, Fans, for your patience.

Look for our location this next Monday!


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