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Hanami watching in Japan!


April 6, 2016 by pizzaguy

Hi Pagoda Fans!

Being a Japanophile, I often like to share bits and pieces of Japanese culture with the uninitiated. From mid-March through May, Japan goes through a transformation with the ancient tradition of hanami watching, or “cherry-blossom viewing.” It is quite the spectacle and every city and town has some area set aside to show off these blooming trees. ┬áThink of the best Fourth of July picnic you’ve ever attended….amped up on steroids! Pinks, reds, and white cherry blossoms are the typical colors, but amazing to check out as a canopy overhead. Japan has some weird customs, but nothing beats organized picnicking with hundreds of strangers. Bento boxes, skewered meats, and Asahi beer rule under the trees. Partay! Check it out…..





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