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New Year’s Resolutions, part 1


January 4, 2016 by pizzaguy

As it is customary, we at Pagoda Pizza would like the wish you all a “Happy New Year!”

Whether you are looking to have more financial success, lose weight, or run your first marathon, PP also has a few resolutions that we not only want to initiate, but accomplish this year. It’s not a wish list, but I think achievable goals. But before I spill that sake cup, let’s talk about….

New Year’s in Japan is much like how it is celebrated in our country and around the world….year-end parties with colleagues, friends, and family, giving gifts, making promises or hopes for one’s health, career, or love in the coming year.

Being a strongly traditional and Buddist country, there are some differences. (For my more info, check out Wikipedia which this section is based.)

There are many traditional foods made called osechi-ryori. Fish cakes, sweet red bean buns, mochi or rice cakes are some examples.






Ozoni- soup with mochi

Ozoni- soup with mochi











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