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Welcome to Pagoda Pizza’s website!

It’s been over a year now in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and we’ve been very happy with our new home and customers. We strive to provide fairly healthy, delicious offerings that we think is right up there with some of the most unique food concepts of any food truck in the nation!

It’s a lot of work, but when you enjoy what you do, and know you’re trying your best, it’s all worthwhile!

hand-made gyoza

Hand-made gyoza

Man-handling the napa!

Man-handling the napa!

Off with their heads!

Sweet mini bell pepper





















My #1 goal is to make YOU happy. If you’re not, please let me make things right. If you enjoy the food, please tell people about it, write a review on Facebook or Twitter, or even post a photo on Instagram.


Thank you, and see you in the parking lot soon! :)

Suggestions or comments? Contact:

The Pizza Guy